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Photo of xinnian village poverty alleviation

scanning: time:2019-09-19 classify:social responsibility
Our company went to xinnian village on December 25, 2018 for poverty alleviation program

Sichuan HYLX Technology CO,.ITD adhere to government-led, implement the development strategy for poverty alleviation, chairman of xi, in order to further promote the "precision" for poverty alleviation work effectively carry out continuously, further give play to the role of corporate social poverty alleviation, year-end at the tail and head of the XuJinLong HaoYuLong star company managers in general manager under the leadership of new Nian fucheng jade emperor city town village, carry out "the eradication of poverty, improve people's livelihood and achieve common prosperity" warm winter sympathy activities, and for the poor and the elderly to send rice, oil, warmer winters are caffeine arts, etc.

       On December 25, 2018, xu jinlong, general manager of the company, led the team to xinnian village, yuhuang town, fucheng district for assistance. In this cold winter, he sent warm winter goods to the poor villagers and elderly people in xinnian village and wished all villagers a happy New Year's day in advance.

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