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Company Anniversary celebration was held

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 "Orderly production scene, strewn at random the product that send, orderly production process", enter sichuan hao yulong star technology co., LTD for the first time, the author deeply sigh at this enterprise in the production process and product testing meticulous. In particular, the busy figure of employees in the workshop and the excelsior of each product, but also attracted every guest to praise.

"Well on March 28, sichuan HaoYuLong star technology Co., Ltd, held a grand anniversary celebration, gas heating professional committee of China, li wei, deputy secretary-general of macro heat energy technology Co., Ltd." liu, deputy general manager of guangzhou dison household environment technology Co., Ltd., zhang yan, Guangdong Vanward New Electric Co., Ltd lin-lin guo, HDT holding group chairman Cai Shunde, Guangdong bentley's heat energy technology Co., Ltd. Bo zhao, general manager of dongguan YiRuiKe heat energy equipment Co., Ltd., chairman of the board of directors liou j w wall hanging furnace industry representatives attend the whole machine and accessories enterprises, and in sichuan HaoYuLong star technology Co., Ltd., under the guidance of general manager XuJinLong The excellent heat exchanger manufacturer was visited on site.

Sichuan HaoYuLongLing technology co., LTD. Is located in China's only science and technology city - mianyang city, sichuan province, is one specialized is engaged in the research, development, production and sales wall hanging furnace heat exchanger manufacturers, the annual output up to 1.5 million units, the company brings together a number of excellent professional technology personnel, formed in young and middle-aged scientific and technological elite as the backbone of high-quality team, has a modern production equipment, advanced production technology, strict production process pipe. With its perfect quality assurance system, various precision testing equipment and strong technical force, the company has won high praise from the broad market and customers in the wall-mounted furnace industry in China.

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