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Gas wall hanging furnace need to focus on cleaning where

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Gas wall - mounted furnace is loved by more and more users, most families began to install wall - mounted furnace. There are several parts in the gas wall hanging furnace that work continuously: fan, water pump, proportional valve, controller, heat exchanger, burner these are the main parts, but also important parts.

In winter, gas wall stove can be said to work day and night, can provide us with warmth at any time. Generally, it takes 3 months in winter, so the gas wall hanging furnace has not stopped using in these 3 months. Now the domestic temperature keeps rising, and the heating equipment can have a good rest for a period of time, then we can do a comprehensive maintenance for the above important components.

Wall-mounted gas furnace fan is an important part of work in the winter time is longer, the inside of the fan needs to be to vent from the outside, the external fresh air through the negative pressure smoke into the combustion chamber, the fan on the cycle of this a few action, external dust and sand in the air will also touch on the impeller of the fan to fan load increase, and even burn out the fan. Therefore, we clean the wall hanging furnace to clean the dust on the impeller, let the impeller load reduce, extend the service life of the fan.

The water pump of the gas wall hanging furnace is the part with the longest working time, so we should pay attention to the death of the water pump, and often electrify to enable the wall hanging furnace to start the anti-death function.

Cb gas burner and the main heat exchanger is also the external dust contact parts, also many users of wall-mounted gas furnace of these parts are not familiar with, the fan will be external fresh air containing dust smoke into the combustion chamber after combustion, dust and heat passes through the main heat exchanger, heat will be absorbed by the heat exchanger, and dust will stick to the heat exchanger, so we have to clean these parts.

We also need to be aware that instead of washing the gas wall stove with water, we can use a brush to remove the dust on it. Therefore, we need to pay attention to these details so that the coil of the fan will not be flooded and burned.

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