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Chengdu, sichuan province, launched a special campaign to clean up coal-fired boilers

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Abstract 】 :Promoting the use of clean energy and low-sulfur fuel, the municipal environmental protection bureau has launched a special campaign to clean up the haze, aiming to make people breathe fresh air, according to a report on the causes and countermeasures of the haze.

The biomass burning pellet boiler was checked and registered, and the basic situation of boiler use was investigated and collected.

We will promote the use of clean energy and low-sulfur fuels

It is reported that the city environmental protection bureau through the causes of the haze and countermeasures for the investigation and demonstration, the deployment of a special campaign to clean up the haze, aimed at allowing citizens to breathe fresh air. From this month to the end of June, authorities will focus on renovating more than 150 boilers in the city, promoting the use of clean energy and low-sulfur fuels, and reducing soot and exhaust emissions.

Reporter learned that in the process of regulating coal-fired boilers, the municipal environmental protection department will be on the whole city within the scope of coal burning, burning water coal slurry, heavy oil, biomass molding particle boiler investigation and registration, comprehensive investigation and collection of boiler use basic situation. On this basis, the paper establishes a ledger of key boiler flue gas regulation, and carries out dynamic management of fuel use, flue gas emission index and boiler setup, so as to effectively enhance the effectiveness of supervision.

The shoe company will not emit VOCs without permission

From march to December, the municipal environmental protection bureau will carry out a continuous rectification campaign on VOCs (volatile organic compounds) emissions from 399 shoe and furniture enterprises in the city.

Enterprises that have violated laws and regulations such as non-eia procedures, non-acceptance inspection, excessive emission or non-conforming protective distance shall be ordered to stop production for rectification, go through procedures within a time limit or make rectification. Establish the total emission control index of VOCs in the region and related industries, and issue pollutant discharge permit to enterprises according to the total emission index and the compliance of enterprises. If no corresponding emission permit is obtained, VOCs shall be prohibited.

Additional, from April 1 rise, the enterprise that USES low volatile coating or glue should declare amount of use to environmental protection branch, to do not accord with requirement of environmental assessment approval reply, release rectified announcement, urge an enterprise to carry 

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